Tech CEO Launches B2B Software for Educational and Research Institutions

Grant management, financial accounting and effort certification pros pushing loads of paperwork have a new cloud-based option to streamline the workflow.

Raleigh-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) developer Jim Wrenn launches Blue Wren Software, a new modular software solution for higher education, independent research institutes, research hospitals, public sector institutions, and nonprofits.

Almost 30 years after starting Information Technology Works (IT Works), Jim Wrenn decided it was time for a brand change: Blue Wren Software. With the new name, new logo, new technology, and new website come the launch of a new set of modular software solutions for higher education, independent research institutes, research hospitals, public sector institutions, and nonprofits.

“The new name and new change mark the start of a new era characterized by innovation, growth, and opportunity,” said Jim Wrenn, CEO of Blue Wren Software who started his first financial and grant management software company in 1986 as a DOS-based software solution that has since transitioned to cloud-based SaaS.

Blue Wren Software Services and Solutions include:

  • Blue Wren Financials: a state of the art grant accounting and financial management solution with human resources cost forecasting and integration with standard ERP, GL, payroll, and purchasing systems.
  • Blue Wren GRM: a grant management and research management software system
  • Blue Wren Effort: a web-based payroll verification and effort certification and reporting system that helps institutions maintain compliance with federal effort certification and reporting mandates

“We’ve come a long way and continue to innovate our technology solutions and be a change agent for our clients by providing robust software solutions for financial, grant management, and research administration,” said Wrenn recently featured in Forbes magazine.

When Wrenn founded his first company IT Works in 1986; the information technology industry was just getting started. Taking flight to change, Blue Wren Software’s name and technology are new with greatly enhanced functionality, yet have the same team and the same players behind Wrenn’s original IT Works.

Blue Wren Software provides B2B software solutions to a global market. It’s user-friendly product modules are designed to make life easier for admins to streamline financial management and accounting, research administration, and the grant management processes.

“We help our clients work smarter by simplifying and automating a workflow typically plagued by massive paperwork, outdated excel spreadsheets, duplicated efforts, manual reporting, and inefficiencies.” said Wrenn.

Blue Wren Software solutions and services help clients solve problems and learn the functionality within our software, help with custom implementation needs, and support new employees that need assistance using Blue Wren Software. With over 30 years of grant and financial experience, programmers, support team, and implementation specialists all in-house, Blue Wren enhances user experience and creates efficiencies without using an offshore development company or a third-party consulting firm.

Blue Wren Software, located in the renowned Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina has access to some of the best and brightest programmers and project managers in the U.S. and continues to thrive and grow today.