The Top Qualities of a Good Grant Writer

A good grant writer is essential to taking advantage of grant funding opportunities. As such, it is important to know what to look for to ensure the most success with your proposal development. With over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing grant management software solutions, Blue Wren has worked with numerous grant writers and found that a successful grant writer exhibits the following seven key qualities.

1. Practical Thinking

It seems like common sense to use common sense, right? Surprisingly, there are many grant writers who struggle to find the appropriate grants for organizations. A good grant writer will be able to recognize fitting opportunities and make recommendations based on the goals and strengths of your organization. They will also be familiar with the community’s politics and know who to involve and how to involve them in the grant development and management process.

2. Persistence

A successful grant writer has to be persistent and devoted to the research and/or cause at hand. They need to acquire an understanding of the goals and ideals of your organization and realize their importance when writing a grant proposal. One of the top qualities of a good grant writer includes being driven to pursue grants that will fund your organization’s research projects, and they will not rest until funded.

3. Organization

There’s one thing that all grants have in common: a lot of moving parts and complexities inherent to the process of applying, managing, and recording grant information and procedures. A quality grant writer will be efficient, meticulous, organized, and dedicated to achieving high standards of structure not only in grant writing, but also in grant management. A successful grant writer will insist on utilizing a grants management system, such as Blue Wren GRM grant and research management solution for helping organize and manage grant application data.

4. Knowledge

Grant and research administration requires a great deal of knowledge of the industry. A successful grant writer needs to know how to stay up-to-date with the latest information, regulations, innovation, and research at hand in order to write a proposal that will be taken seriously. Your grant writers must know exactly how to win the grants your organization needs.

5. Creative

The difference between failure and success is often creativity. Technical knowledge, organizational skills, and persistence are fundamental characteristics of all grant writers and can be achieved through training. However, creativity is inherent. You want to hire a grant writer that knows how to make your grant proposal stand out from the rest.

6. Personable

Your grant writer is a representative of your organization; therefore, they must embody the tone, vision, and ideals of your organization. Furthermore, your grant writer must know how to network, leave lasting impressions, and build meaningful relationships. The ability to interact well with others is key.

7. Conscientous

A successful grant writer must have all the previously mentioned qualities, while also maintaining a conscientious, almost perfectionist approach. Only a meticulous, thoughtful, and hardworking grant writer is going to be successful; and all the qualities mentioned thus far cannot work together effectively if the grant writer is not conscientious.

Finding someone who meets all of these characteristics may seem like an impossible task. But rest assured, with a diligent search and referrals from your peers, your search can be successful! Blue Wren wishes you the best in your search and is here to help with your grant and research management needs.