Blue Wren and Pasadena ISD

Comprehensive Solutions and Grant Management

Blue Wren’s Grant Management eliminates double-work and allows me the opportunity to use my time addressing other department needs.

Yvette Hernandez, Pasadena ISD Grants Department


Pasadena Independent School District, one of the largest K-12 public school districts in Texas, utilized an extensive grant portfolio to fund technology, literacy projects, and capital improvements. Previously, the Pasadena ISD Grants Department used spreadsheets to manage this portfolio. As the district’s grant funding portfolio increased, the spreadsheets began to create challenges with report generation and data validation. For example, when new reports were needed, different versions of the same spreadsheet were required to sort and format information accordingly. The multiple spreadsheets in turn required extra work to modify, and furthermore, the spreadsheets were not able to accurately capture the lifespan of overlapping grants that served multiple projects. This caused problems in presenting data to district leaders in easy to understand formats. As a result, “we needed a new reporting system that would provide a more smooth, efficient and accurate way to present our grant record information” said Yvette Hernandez with the Pasadena ISD Grants Department.


To improve the grant records management and reporting processes, the Pasadena Independent School District Grants Department created a list of desired goals and criteria to be implemented and began the search for a grants management software solution. They needed a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that would easily meet their internal tracking processes, handle their complex data scenarios, and provide quick reporting methods in a variety of ways and in easy to understand layouts. Pasadena ISD Grants Department chose the Blue Wren GRM SAAS grants management software for its ability to meet these needs in a user-friendly design. Blue Wren provided a platform that allowed staff to incorporate their own internal language, easily access and share grant record information among team members, and decrease the amount of time it takes to generate reports. Included was the ability to generate numerous standard and customizable report formats that presented complex data in easy-to-interpret formats and allowed staff to track the complete lifespan of each grant. Blue Wren was also able to support various internal “pre-award” processes that allowed staff to track campus/district-wide needs and potential grant interests and opportunities.


Blue Wren GRM was quickly configured for access by the Pasadena ISD Grants Department and grant records were preloaded from existing spreadsheets by the Blue Wren technical staff in order to expedite the implementation and training process. Pasadena ISD Grants Department began entering new information almost immediately. According to Yvette Hernandez, “since installing the Blue Wren software solution our team has found that it takes less time to enter information because they can independently enter the grant records as necessitated by their duties.” Previously, information had to be forwarded to and reviewed by others and then the numerous spreadsheets modified accordingly. This new process saves the team time and allows the appropriate person to enter the information directly rather than adding layers and layers of extra communication. Yvette Hernandez states “Blue Wren Grants Management eliminates double-work and allows me the opportunity to use my time addressing other department needs, thus increasing productivity across all areas, including grant management. Our team can now track potential opportunities which allows us to be strategic in our growth plan.” When the Superintendent or department heads ask for reports, Pasadena ISD Grants Department is now able to generate the reports in a timely manner. In addition to the improved reporting, “Blue Wren has also enhanced our relationships within the department as we have time to engage in and address other department needs or goals,” said Yvette.