History of Blue Wren Software

Blue Wren was launched in 2016 as a new Division of Information Technology Works, Inc., Information Technology Works, Inc. has an extensive history, implementing over 400 financial management solutions, grant management software and research administration systems in over 225 major institutions, including universities and hospitals in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. This is the story of how Blue Wren Software became an international authority in financial, grant, and research administration solutions.

In 1987, Jim Wrenn, current Blue Wren President and CEO founded Information Technology Works, Inc. and began developing a financial and grant management system in response to the demanding market that was largely unmet. At the time, not much consideration was paid to the complexity inherent in grant management, and oftentimes, research administrators were burdened with time consuming, complex tasks of tracking, reporting and analyzing everything involved with the grant life cycle.

With respect to software technology, in 1987, DOS was the most popular system, so our first financial and grant management software solution began as a DOS based system. As the tech industry evolved - from DOS to the Internet, and the introduction of software as a service (SAAS) solutions emerged in 2013 – so did Information Technology Works, Inc. with its launch of its Blue Wren Software Division.

Blue Wren is the latest example of forward thinking that anticipates client needs and moves to provide services quickly and efficiently. It is the creation of a team with 30+ years of knowledge in financial management, research administration and the latest software development technology. Blue Wren has become the answer to all factors involved in grant and research management by providing an easy-to-use, customizable grant software tool to meet the needs of administrators in colleges, universities, independent research institutes, as well as research hospitals.

Blue Wren Software is located in the renowned Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina. This allows Blue Wren to recruit some of the best and brightest programmers and project managers in the U.S., and it gives us great pleasure to say that Blue Wren continues to thrive and grow today.

An article on Jim Wrenn and grant management software , published in Forbes Magazine recognizes Wrenn as an authority in the grant management industry. The article explains that without grants, innovation would be stifled, but because grants have become extremely complex to track and manage, grant management software is often the best option to finding and maintaining funding sources.

Blue Wren Software is a company with history and a track record of experience, but with a twist. Blue Wren has stayed ahead of the curve, integrating emerging technology and guaranteeing that it will continue to be an industry leader from now and into the future.